Local People. Local Issues. Local Results.

Our mission is to provide a pathway for Like-Minded Americans across this nation to be educated and active in local governing affairs critical to sustaining and building strong American communities.

Core Values

We believe:

We are a nation of Laws. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the supreme laws of the United States.

  • In American Liberty (the quality or state of being free).
  • Individual freedoms as American citizens requires personal responsibility. All Americans must strive to be law abiding citizens, responsible and accountable for your actions. Work to become productive and contribute to the wellbeing of your family, community, and nation.
  • In States rights with limited local dependency on federal funding and federal programs.
  • Judeo Christian values are the foundation of American values and laws.
  • America is a force of good in the world and we reject Communist-Socialist ideology in our local and state government.
Like-Minded AmericanS​

Local People.
Local Issues.
Local Results.

Our action plan is focused on three pillars of government belonging to the citizens of our communities and are the bedrock for local governance. We must have Like-Minded Americans engaged in those organizations to achieve local results that align with our Core Values.


Get energized.

Join Today and become part of the solution. Citizens Alliance Network is Local People focused on Local Issues and Local Results. Learn how to get engaged in critical areas of local decision making that impact the quality of life in our communities, regional areas and our states. 

We all have a civic duty to ensure our voices and values are represented in our local government and elected officials. Citizens Alliance Network is the conduit for education and action so select from one of the channels that you are most passionate about the get start today.